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Resistance bands can be found in physical therapy clinics, cardiac rehabilitation clinics, or any well-equipped gym, they have become a more essential part of people’s exercise routines. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or a beginner, you can benefit from using resistance bands.

Resistance bands typically come in a variety of different resistances or strengths; depending on the company, each resistance is assigned a different colour. Some resistance bands come in closed loops, others can be cut to a customized length to suit your needs.

So why use resistance bands? They are a great way to stretch and strengthen no matter your experience level:

  • By holding them between your hands behind your back, you get a good stretch for your chest and shoulder muscles.
  • Need a little bit of help on your pull-up? Loop the resistance band under the pull-up bar, stand on the band and proceed to do complete, assisted pull-ups, steadily you work towards lower and lower resistances until you can do a complete pull-up with full bodyweight!
  • Just starting to get into squats? You can stand on the bands while having the ends of the band in your hands, and proceed to squat with increased resistance, helping you grow and strengthen your major leg muscles.
  • Even if you’re at an advanced level, you can loop resistance bands onto the barbell to add variable resistance to your squat, allowing you to change up your exercises.

These are all just a few examples, there are so many more ways you can use resistance bands to amplify your workout routine!