Custom foot orthotics are prescribed medical devices designed to alleviate pain and correct the biomechanics of the foot, ankle and leg.  The cause, of pain or biomechanical issues, may be attributed to overuse, injury, disease or congenital defects. Therefore, they are useful in treating a wide array of conditions.

Some of the most common symptoms that we can treat with custom foot orthotics are: pain in the forefoot, arch, heel, ankle, knee, hip and lower back. Hundreds of specific diagnoses underlie the cause of pain in these areas that have shown to be improved with custom foot orthotic use. Our Certified Pedorthists are thoroughly trained in all of these conditions associated with the feet and legs to bring an informed and WHOLEistic approach to your care.

Treat the WHOLE person by looking at the body’s interconnections to determine the root cause.

The type or style of orthotic that is made varies for each individual as we tailor the design to meet your unique needs. As a result there are several factors to consider when deciding which type of orthotic is made:

  • foot type
  • current problems and/or symptoms
  • footwear type
  • lifestyle
  • activity level

We tailor the orthotic design to meet your unique needs and take a 3-D impression of your foot

Orthotics can be made for athletic footwear, cleats, skates, ski boots, casual shoes, dress shoes, and even high heels. All of these types of footwear have different sizes, lengths, widths, and pitch angles that need to be accommodated for if the orthotic is to properly fit and function optimally. This is why it is important to book an appointment for an assessment.

The assessment includes a full history review, range of motion testing, gait assessment, and various functional tests to determine the source of injury or dysfunction. At the end of the assessment, the pedorthist will discuss your options, suggest what type of device is most suitable for you, and take a 3-D impression of your foot.

Book an appointment with one of our Pedorthists to find out if custom foot orthotics are beneficial to you!